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Giant Leap is a Machine Learning (ML) platform that facilitates the design, implementation, and deployment of ML algorithms. It absorbs the complications of the data supply chain and allow businesses to derive value from the adoption of ML.
Giant Leap
AI, Data Science, SaaS
2022 - 2023
Branding, UX/UI, Product Design, Webflow Development
Neil Armstrong's famous quote, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," served as the inspiration for the company name, Giant Leap, and guided its approach to visual communication. At its core, Giant Leap's identity revolves around the figure of an astronaut, evoking the various roles the company plays in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space, including explorer, guide, and problem solver.

Pixel Ramen skillfully simplified technical terms through visual demonstrations, making Artificial Intelligence accessible to a wider audience. Our team used creative illustrations in crafting Giant Leap's social media content. Below is an example post featuring a space invader crab detecting anomalies in a repetitive rectangle pattern. This type of visual analogy effectively showcases how AI identifies unusual data patterns, including potential fraud or errors in large data sets. Detecting fraudulent activities through pattern recognition and anomaly detection is one of the areas Giant Leap’s API can help.
Pixel Ramen leveraged its expertise in Webflow development to design a marketing website that effectively conveys the business message. Our expertise and creative approach resulted in a platform that successfully engages users and effectively communicates the core values of the business.