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Taiga is a Canadian manufacturer and retailer whose mission is to produce natural and organic alternatives to the essential personal care products that we use in our everyday lives. Taiga focuses on using organic ingredients and incorporating essential oils whenever feasible to replicate the beneficial and nourishing qualities of conventional (typically artificial) ingredients.
Taiga Therapy
Personal Wellness, Organic Products, Ecommerce
2021 - 2023
Branding, UX/UI, Ecommerce
Pixel Ramen collaborated closely with Taiga to create a strong brand identity framework, covering essential elements such as brand positioning, visual guidelines, merchant catalogues, and ecommerce web design.

As Barrier, Taiga's organic skincare brand for athletes, continued to grow, they aimed to expand their reach beyond consumers who practice climbing, yoga, workouts, and other sports activities.

In this way, Taiga  broadened its scope by a  range of products that catered to different aspects of well-being, all while staying true to its commitment to organic ingredients and the exclusion of artificial foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulfate. Taiga introduced Myst® Botanics, a line of luxurious home spa self-care soaps, and their exclusive Taiga® Essential Oils, featuring 100% pure essential oils.
The redesign and rebrand of Taiga's ecommerce shop significantly improved the user experience and elevated the user interface. Through our expertise in user-centered design, we analyzed user behaviour, preferences, and pain points to create a more intuitive and streamlined shopping experience. Our attention to detail in enhancing the user interface resulted in a visually appealing and engaging website that not only captured the essence of Taiga's brand but also facilitated a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey for customers.