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Fintel Connect specializes in performance affiliate marketing tracking technology for the financial services and fintech sector. The company supports Tier 1 banks, community banks, and financial technology companies through its network of publishers and scalable tracking and reporting technologies.
Fintel Connect
2019 - 2023
Branding, UX/UI, User Research, Product Design
Affiliate marketers often struggle to ensure that their content across various channels complies with regulations and guidelines. They also lack real-time notifications when their partners create and publish new content. Fintel Connect approached this challenge with a clear vision in mind: improve the relationship and communication between publishers and merchants, andprovide tools for monitoring and analyzing digital marketing campaigns.

Our team developed high-fidelity prototypes that simulated the actual user experience, allowing stakeholders to navigate the platform and experience its features firsthand. The high-fidelity prototype received valuable feedback, leading to further refinements and improvements. It also guided all development efforts.

After collaborating with Fintel to document functional requirements from scratch, our developers dived into code to build a solid foundation paired with an intuitive user interface. Thanks to the team's technical expertise and commitment, they were able to adapt and incorporate new requirements that popped up along the way without any compromises.
Our development team successfully navigated the delicate balance between accommodating different user types, maintaining the required level of security, and meeting the ever-evolving expectations of users.

To ensure brand safety and content compliance for merchants we built a robust structure for an AI-powered monitoring tool.

In order to achieve this, we employed a combination of existing AWS services, our proprietary NLP/content classification technologies, and our own custom code using React framework. This allowed us to develop an application that not only adhered to legal constraints but also fulfilled user needs and remained adaptable over time. Scalability was our main goal.

We are proud of our clients' success, as our powerful and custom-engineered technologies contributed to their achievement of receiving both the Best of FinXTech Connect Award and Best Solution for Revenue Growth Award in 2020.